Nasruddin Tales

Nasruddin Tales

Nasruddin Tales

We invite you to immerse yourself in their stories ... Some of your passages may be familiar to you or that, guided by their adventures, you will find certain correspondences or resonances within you ...

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  • 1 Looking for the key
  • 2 The cost of learning
  • 3 The perfect woman
  • 4 Appearances
  • 5 Where to go?
  • 6 Gratitude
  • 7 The importance of the moon
  • 8 A heavy layer
  • 9 Remove your sore eye
  • 10 Duck Soup
  • 11 Honey in the fire

Looking for the key

Very late at night Nasruddin is circling around a lamppost, looking down. A neighbor passes by.

- What are you doing Nasruddin, have you lost anything? - he asks.
- Yes, I'm looking for my key.

The neighbor stays with him to help him search. After a while, a neighbor passes by.
-What are you doing? - he asks.
- We are looking for Nasruddin's key.
She also wants to help them and starts looking.

Then another neighbor joins them. Together they seek and seek and seek. Having searched for a long time they end up getting tired. A neighbor asks:

- Nasruddin, we have searched for your key for a long time, are you sure you lost it in this place?
- No, says Nasruddin
- Where did you lose it, then?
- There, in my house.
- So why are we looking for her here?
- Well, because there is more light here and my house is very dark.

The cost of learning

Nasruddin decided that he could benefit by learning something new and went to visit a renowned music teacher:

- How much do you charge to teach me to play the flute? - Nasruddin asked.

- Three pieces of silver the first month; then a piece of silver per month - the teacher replied.

-Perfect! - Nasruddin said; - I will start in the second month.

The Perfect Woman

Nasrudin was having a conversation with a friend.

- So you never thought about getting married?

"Yes, I thought," Nasruddin replied. -In my youth, I resolved to look for the perfect woman. I crossed the desert, arrived in Damascus, and met a very spiritual and beautiful woman; but she didn't know anything about the things of this world.

I continued traveling, and went to Isfahan; There I found a woman who knew the realm of matter and that of the spirit, but she was not pretty.

Then I decided to go to Cairo, where I had dinner at the house of a pretty, religious, and knowledgeable young woman of material reality.

- And why didn't you marry her?

- Ah, my partner! Unfortunately she also wanted a perfect man.


Sufi Mula Nasruddin tells that he once attended a poorly dressed bathhouse, and they tried to regulate to bad and left to leave a gold coin tip.

The following week he was richly dressed and went out of his way to attend to him ... and left a copper coin, saying:

-This is the tip for last week's deal and last week's, for today's deal.

Where to go?

- People asked Mula Nasruddin "Where should we go in a funeral procession, in front, in the back, or next?"

Nasruddin replied:
"It doesn't matter where you go, as long as you don't go inside the coffin!"


One day, while Nasruddin worked on his farm, a thorn penetrated his foot. Incredibly he said: "Thank you my God, thank you!" and continued:

"It's a blessing that I wasn't wearing my new shoes today!"

The importance of the moon

Nasruddin entered a tea house and declared: "The moon is more useful than the sun." "Why"? They Asked.

"Because at night we all need more light."

A heavy layer

One night people heard a frightening noise coming from Nasrudin's house. The next morning and as soon as they got up they went to visit him and asked him: "What was all that noise?" "My cape fell to the ground." Nasruddin replied.

But: "Can a layer make such a noise?" They questioned him:

"Of course, if you are inside it, as I was"

Take off your sore eye

Based on the reports he had been given to him, the Caliph appointed Nasrudin Chief Counsel of the Court and since his authority did not come from his own competence but from the patronage of the Caliph, Nasruddin became a danger to all who came to consult him, as evidenced in the following case:

"Nasruddin, you are a man of experience," said a courtier, "do you know any remedy for eye pain? I ask you because it hurts me tremendously"

"Let me share my experience with you," Nasrudin told him. "On one occasion I had a toothache, and I found no relief until I had them removed."

Duck Soup

One day, a farmer went to visit Nasruddin, attracted by his great fame and eager to see the most illustrious man in the country up close. He brought as a gift a magnificent duck. The Mule, very honest, invited the man to dinner and spend the night in his house. They ate an exquisite soup prepared with the duck.

The next morning, the farmer returned to his countryside, happy to have spent some hours with such an important character. Some days later, the children of this farmer went to the city and on their return they passed through the house of Nasruddin. - We are the children of the man who gave him a duck - they introduced themselves. They were received and entertained with duck soup.

A week later, two young men knocked on the door of the Mule. - Who are you? - We are the neighbors of the man who gave him a duck. The Mule began to regret accepting that duck. However, he put on a bad face and invited his guests to eat.

At eight days, an entire family requested hospitality from Mula. - And who are you? - We are the neighbors of the neighbors of the man who gave him a duck. Then the Mule made it as if he were glad and invited them to the dining room. After a while, he appeared with a huge tureen filled with hot water and carefully filled the bowls of his guests. After testing the liquid, one of them exclaimed: - But ... what is this, noble sir? By Allah we had never seen such a bland soup! Mula Nasruddin simply replied: - This is the soup of the soup of the duck soup that I gladly offer to you, the neighbors of the neighbors of the neighbors of the man who gave me the duck.

Honey in the fire

The Mule warmed honey in the fire, when a friend arrived suddenly.

Honey started to boil and Nasruddin invited his visitor. It was so hot, the other one burned.

- Do something! - exclaimed the friend.

Then the Mule took a fan and waved it over the pot ... in order to cool the honey.