101 famous phrases of Confucius

101 famous phrases of Confucius

Confucius phrases

Confucius (551 BC C-479 BC) was a philosopher, politician and a recognized thinker Chinese whose doctrine is called Confucianism. Throughout his life he alternated periods in which he served as a teacher and in others in which he served as an official of the small state of Lu, in northeast China, during the time of fragmentation of power under the Chu dynasty. In the political sphere he defended the importance of moral harmony, but he devoted a large part of his life to study and teaching, emphasizing respect for the precepts of the wise men of antiquity, and the figure of the father. Discover our fantastic compilation of Confucius phrases.

Famous Confucius phrases

Demand yourself a lot and expect little from others. This will save you trouble.

You should always keep your head cold, warm your heart and long your hand.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

The man who moves mountains starts by removing pebbles.

Learn to live and you'll learn to die well.

Anyone who wants constant happiness and wisdom must accommodate frequent changes.

Where there is education there is no distinction of classes.

One who does not know how to govern himself, how will he know how to govern others?

Reading without thinking makes us a messy mind. Thinking without reading makes us unbalanced.

He who does not know what life is, how will he know what death is?

The true gentleman is the one who only preaches what he practices.

You ask me why I buy rice and flowers? I buy rice to live and flowers to have something to live for.

It is man who makes the truth great, and not the truth that makes man great.

Do not intend to put out a fire with fire, or remedy a flood with water.

A strong voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even if this is a simple murmur

Knowing what is fair and not doing so is the worst of cowardice.

A man does not try to see himself in the running water, but in the calm water, because only what is calm in itself can give others peace of mind.

The biggest mistake is succumbing to dejection; All other errors can be repaired, not this one.

When you see a good man, think about imitating him; When you see a bad one, examine your own heart.

If a bird tells you that you are crazy, you must be, the birds do not speak

If you serve Nature, she will serve you.

Is there a precept that can guide the action of a lifetime? To love.

Some money avoids worries; It attracts them a lot.

Don't complain about the snow on the neighbor's roof when it also covers the threshold of your house

Never give a sword to someone who is not able to smile and dance.

The superior man is polite, but not creeping; The vulgar man is creeping, but not courteous.

Today it is not interesting to progress, but to succeed. I don't expect to find the perfect man. I would be content to find a man of principle. But it is difficult to have principles in these times when nothing pretends to be something and emptiness pretends to be full.

If we don't know life yet, how will it be possible to know death?

Know that what is known is known and what is not known; Here is the true knowledge.

The value of your home is the price that your neighbor wants to pay for it.

The wise man seeks what he desires within; He who is not wise, looks for him in others.

The path of truth is wide and easy to find. The only drawback is that men do not look for it.

Vices come as passengers, visit us as guests and stay as masters.

When the wise point to the moon, the fool looks at the finger.

Forgive everything to whom nothing forgives himself.

Not all men can be illustrious, but they can be good.

The noble man retains throughout his life the naivety and innocence of childhood.

They told me and I forgot it; I saw and understood; I did it and I learned it.

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone can see it.

The archer is a model for the wise. When the target has failed, look for the cause itself.

Education builds trust. Trust generates hope. Hope generates peace.

The gentleman blames himself, while the ordinary man blames others.

When someone puts their finger on the sore, only fools think the important thing is the finger.

The good leader knows what is true; The bad leader knows what sells best.

The superior man is modest in speaking, but abundant in acting.

The wise take care mainly of the root.

Before embarking on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

The man who has made a mistake and does not correct it makes another major mistake.

Make a mistake and do not correct it is another mistake.

However far the spirit goes, it will never go further than the heart.

Silence is a friend who never betrays.

The right person is ashamed to say more than he does.

The wise man knows that he is ignorant.

Consciousness is the light of intelligence to distinguish good from evil.

Wisdom cares about being slow in your speeches and diligent in your actions.

Changes can take place slowly. The important thing is that they take place.

There is no mistake in admitting that you alone cannot improve your condition in the world; To grow, you need allies with whom to grow together.

I do not attempt to know the questions; I try to know the answers.

It is easier to overcome bad habits today than tomorrow.

Virtue does not live in solitude: it must have neighbors.

The young and the servants are the most difficult to handle. If you treat them with familiarity, they become disrespectful; if you put them away, they resent

The Master says: The prodigal is arrogant and the miser is mean. Petty is preferable to arrogance.

A people ruled despotically and in which order is maintained through punishment, can avoid breaking the law, but will lose its moral sense.

I know why the right way is not followed: the intelligent man goes further, and the fool stays here.

If you already know what you have to do and you don't do it then you are worse than before.

The superior man likes to be slow in words, but quick in deeds.

It is not the weeds that drown the good seed but the negligence of the farmer.

Going a little far is as bad as not going all that is necessary.

Do not answer an angry word by replicating with another of the same tenor. It is the second one, yours, which will surely take you to the fray.

Study the past if you want to predict the future.

A house will be strong and indestructible when it is supported by these four columns: brave father, prudent mother, obedient son, complacent brother.

A gentleman is ashamed that his words are better than his actions.

Nature makes men look like each other and get together; education makes us different and away.

He who dominates his anger dominates his worst enemy.

When the objective seems difficult to you, do not change your objective; Look for a new way to reach it.

Revenge eternalizes hatred.

He who knows the truth is not the same as he who loves it.

By looking at the smallness of a worm we can lose the greatness of an eclipse.

When you see good, proceed as if you could never achieve it completely; When you look face to face with evil, proceed as if you were going to taste the heat of the boiling water.

Learning without thinking is useless. Thought without learning is dangerous.

When we are facing worthy people, we must try to imitate them. When we face unworthy people, we must look at ourselves and correct our mistakes.

He who has managed to know the truth in the morning can already die in the afternoon.

A scholar who is not serious will not inspire respect, and his wisdom, therefore, will lack stability.

Love and recognize the defects of those who love each other; To hate and recognize the qualities of those who hate each other are two very rare things under heaven.

Whoever does the old way again learns the new one, can be considered a teacher.

When you see a wise man, think about matching his virtues. When you see a man devoid of virtue, examine yourselves.

When you speak, try to make your words better than silence.

If nature prevails over culture, you have a savage; if it is the culture that prevails, a pedant. Only from balance is the gentleman born.

A man who has a beautiful soul always has beautiful things to say; But a man who says beautiful things does not necessarily have a beautiful soul.

Learning without reflection is wasting energy.

There are three paths that lead to wisdom: Imitation, the simplest; reflection, the most noble; and the experience, the most bitter.

A gentleman is tolerant and free, a common man is full of anxiety and fear.

The superior man is worthy, but not proud; The inferior man, proud, but not worthy.

If you get angry, think about the consequences.

In a well-governed country, poverty is something that shames. In a poorly governed country, wealth is something that shames.

The cautious are rarely wrong.

He who seeks to ensure the welfare of others, has already secured his own.

It does not matter if little progress is made; The important thing is not to stop.

Choose a job you like and you won't have to work a day in your life.

Never place bets. If you know you have to win, you are a rogue, and if you do not know, you are a fool.

These three signs distinguish the superior man: virtue, which frees him from anxiety; wisdom, which frees you from doubt; and courage, which frees him from fear.