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156 phrases of Graffiti

156 phrases of Graffiti

Surely you've seen many graffiti walking the streets. Some are true works of art, others convey messages and thoughts of those who have made them.

Today we bring you a small compilation of these anonymous thoughts, do not miss them, many will make you smile!

Graffiti phrases: The expression of the most anonymous thinkers

This about the environment ... is it because we already destroyed half?

When a woman suffers in silence, she has a broken phone.

The neurotic builds castles in the air, the psychotic inhabits them, the psychoanalyst charges the rent.

The only proof that psychoanalysts are more sane than their patients is that they are the ones who charge.

There is an infallible way to know if a politician lies: looking at his lips, if he is moving them, he is lying.

Confidence kills the man and pregnant women.

I am irresistible ... all women leave me.

Thanks for the fire. Joan of Arc

Many people who have not died before are dying. Graffiti on the wall of a cemetery

If there's something that makes me blow up, it's pins. A balloon

The order of bananas does not alter the smoothie.

The cicada doesn't work, but the ant can't sing.

Do not lose your mind! Marie Antoinette

Cristóbal: don't break my eggs. Queen Elizabeth

The good if brief, it ends sooner.

If a bird tells you that you are crazy, you should be, because the birds do not speak.

Women like desperate men. If you do not find them, you make them.

As the devil could not be everywhere, he invented the mother-in-law.

What bad luck my daughter had, she got a cuckold husband.

Hope is the last thing lost.

There is a different country (somewhere)

Bird is better in hand than venereal disease.

Everyone promises and nobody complies. Vote for Nobody.

We mean and the press says it rains. Painted on a wall of Buenos Aires

Desire makes the ugly beautiful. Popular saying

Enough of intermediaries! God come. Painted in a church

If Muhammad does not go to the mountain, it is that he throws the beach more.

See you tomorrow if I want. God

Down with the drugs! Those in the basement

Do not be redundant. Never repeat something you have already said. Do not repeat yourself.

Change toy box for porn magazines.

Black widow seeks millionaire type to marry. Until death do us part.

Man of good manners, look for someone to take them away.

He went to a dating house and slept with a saying.

When those below move, those above fall. Painted on a Missions wall

The important thing is what each person carries inside. Jack the Ripper

Psycho killer seeks girl for short relationship.

I sell Christ brand INRI.

My father wanted me to have a trial. Now I have three and he gets angry.

Houses are painted at home.

I'm looking for a dentist to start a smile.

Change rooster that sings at five for one that sings at seven.

I sell soul to the devil for imminent death.

When I sit down to think the only thing I get is to sit down.

I sell dentures, orthopedic leg and glass eye by miracle of Lourdes.

On many occasions civilians have been militarized. Will you ever try to civilize the military?

I will raise the fallen and oppress the great. The bra

My mother is a drag. A snake

It's better to give than to receive. A box fighter

My alarm clock broke! Sleeping Beauty

You are the only woman in my life! Adam

I do not see a whistle. A nun

Finally alone! The Lone Ranger

At home we kicked. Uan Chan Kein (Kung Fu)

I'm broken Frankestein

I am made a cow. A gay bull

My mom is a mouse. Mickey

My boyfriend is a beast. The beauty

I believe in reincarnation. One one

I have a lump in the throat. A hanged man

No to unemployment! A cardiac

My father is an old green. The incredible Hulk

The car will never replace the horse. The mare

I have nerves of steel. Robocop

I have a heart of stone. A statue.

No more bloodshed! Tampax

The milk fattens. A pregnant

We have beaten the competition. Moulinex

All of my kids have different last names. Carlos Distinto

I always wanted to be the first. John Paul II

When you left you left a bitter taste in my mouth.Monica Lewinski

People who are not upfront annoy me. Anonymous

I could never study law. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Being blind is nothing, worse would be being black. Stevie wonder

One is not what they have made of one, but what one has done with what they have made of one.

Fish struggling against the current, dies electrocuted.

Whoever wants sky blue, mix blue and white.

Slavery was not abolished, it was changed to 8 hours a day.

Ink can be dangerous if swallowed. Hewlett Packard

Too east is west.

If you broke up, I would still love you, but I would miss you so much.

A woman with a broken heart distributes the pieces.

A cross-eyed archer does not beat records, but keeps the public in suspense.

He is a person of few words, enough to express his ideas.

I have very silky hair, the bad thing is worms.

I go to the doctor so much because I want to die healthy.

I would marry for interest, but it seems that nobody is interested.

I like women so much that I even like mine.

And now they say that getting married for convenience is not convenient.

I have a cook who is a sun, it burns everything.

I was determined to win, but nobody respected my decisions.

The good thing about drought is that grandfather no longer has cataracts.

And to think that Paco drowned for having a submersible watch.

I wanted to have a lot of pasta, and now I have an Italian restaurant.

I always wanted to have 4 wives, but I didn't have the 4 mother-in-law.

I have a beastly hunger, the bad thing is that I am a vegetarian.

I was right one day, but that day they wouldn't let out of the asylum.

Of every one hundred men who drink, fifty are half.

In the kingdom of the blind, there is no eye but that of the ass. Alejandro Gonzalez

Descartes: To be is to do. Aristotle: To do is to be. Frank Sinatra: Dobedobedoooooo

Change condom used for baby clothes.

The ingenuity is the last resort of the unpelled.

Life is in constant motion. Parkinson

Enough of deaths in bed! Sperm guild

Don't worry, the worst day of your life will only last 24 hours.

Tell me who you're with ... and if it's good, you send it to me.

Eyes that do not see ... Shoes that step on shit!

When the river sounds ... we are not deaf.

If your lips don't dare to say what your eyes scream; Then just look at me. Painted on a wall of Buenos Aires

If you see the mountain coming towards you. Run huevón, it's a landslide!

Make a dog happy ... Plant a tree!

Laziness is the mother of all vices, but there is only one mother and must be respected.

To make your bed, to make you dinner, I wanted to make love to you. Women creating Graffiti on a wall in the city of La Paz, Bolivia

Do not complain about what there is not in your town, if you have not done something before to avoid it. Painted in a school in Cordoba, Argentina

The strange thing is to be normal. Painted on the facade of a Basque Country in Vitoira-Gasteiz

The bad, if brief, less bad.

The real problem of the world is how to prevent it from jumping into the air. Noam Chomsky

A good method to lose weight is to undress and eat in front of a mirror. It works because one is immediately kicked out of the restaurant. Makaresco-Trani

If the body asks me for rum, I give it rum. If you ask me to dance, I give you dance. If you ask me for sex, I give sex. If you ask me for work, no, no, no, the body cannot be given every taste.

In the advertisements of tennis rackets you see people playing tennis, in those of cars you see cars, however in those of condoms you see people playing tennis or parked cars.

Why don't the planes make the same material with which they make the black box?

My superiority complex is better than yours.

There is a delicate line between fishing and doing the jerk in a river.

An alcoholic is one who drinks more than his doctor.

Reality is a hallucination caused by the lack of alcohol.

Money is like manure, if it piles it smells.

If heaven is as perfect as The Bible says, seek me in hell.

The Spanish infantry never recedes. Turn around and keep moving forward.

If the Universe is infinite ... why is it so difficult to find a place to park?

The third world is starving, while the first and second because of cholesterol.

If you want to be the dumbest, appear to be the smartest.

Better a bad plan than any plan.

The old adversary is better than a new enemy.

The pyramids are the best example that at any time and place workers tend to work less and less.

The most boring of evil is that you get used to it.

Blessed are those who laugh at themselves because they will never run out of messing.

The bird would like to be a cloud, the bird cloud.

Let's be realistic, demand the impossible!!!

I will only stop loving you when a painter manages to draw on his canvas the sound of a tear. (Ka) Painted at the Florida Miter Railroad Station

If studying bears fruit, where do trees study? Alex Araya

The best remedy for AIDS is nitrate. Nitrate to put it on. Painted at the Pichincha Subway Station 'E'

Laughter is translatable in any language.

The lawyers are like whores. You have to pay them in advance and then beg them to move. Written in the waiting room of a law firm.

The old Chinese adages are not that old.

Every reformism is characterized by the utopianism of its strategy and the opportunism of its tactics.Painted at the Sorbonne University in May 66.

Where the effort ends, failure begins.Painted in the defense of a truck.

The street is hard. Alberto Olmedo Argentine comic actor

Those who believe in telekinesis, raise my arm.

The rose has thorns, but ... does the tuna have petals? Roberto Fontanarrosa Argentine humorist.

You can't talk with Tarzan. He always goes by the branches. Jane.

Before I was undecided, now ... I don't know.

Floods do not occur because rivers grow, but because the country is sinking.

If the cow were honored the bull would not have horns.

The man marries by civil, by church and by idiot.

Men are like cigarettes. First they turn on and then smoke.

Every man pretends to be a woman's first love. Every woman pretends to be a man's last love.